Covid19 update – We offer low touch, no touch, and completely remote streaming options. You can still provide high quality town halls or panel discussions while keeping guests and audiences safely isolated.

During this unprecedented time, we’ve provided webcasts for the Bank of Montreal, Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Chicago Bulls, and broadcast a virtual concert to TV networks in mainland China.


Webcasting live events is the perfect way to include your guests or employees when they can’t attend in person. Different from pre-recorded content, live events build community and provide a sense of urgency.

We offer:

  • Full scale productions for concerts and conferences
  • Portable, single device, multi-cam technology for on-location social media
  • 360 Virtual Reality streaming
  • Professional production quality with titles, graphics, chromakey, Powerpoint and instant replay
  • Broadcast options to Vimeo, WebEx, YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope (Twitter) and more.